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We are a contract mortgage loan processing company that works side by side with mortgage brokers and loan originators to help them close more loans while reducing their overhead in house expenses.

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We are FREE - Your borrowers pay for our service and is disclosed on section B of the loan estimate.

More time to Focus on Your Core Business – Every loan originator has limited time and attention. Outsourcing can help your business to shift its focus from boring activities toward work that serves the customer, or it can be more time on the golf course. By outsourcing your loan processing to us, more time is spent doing what you do best – originating and closing more loans!

Having Trained Processors with Accumulative Knowledge – When you use a company that has trained and seasoned Processors, the advantage is access to their accumulative knowledge. You gain the support of highly qualified individuals helping you to originate and fund more loans while creating stability and security for your business. We are your free second pair of eyes.

A Plan B for Emergencies – Having plan B during a time of urgency can eliminate stress from deadlines or obstacles, an employee leaving the company unexpectedly, sick or on vacation. A contract loan processing company in mind is just a smart and effective way to circumvent circumstances like these.